Hemorrhoid Home Remedies

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Hemorrhoids or piles can be a troublesome ailment for many people. Here are some Ayurvedic home remedies that may offer some relief.

The most important food remedy for hemorrhoids is known as buttermilk or takram. This is not the same as the cultured buttermilk sold in the supermarket. To make takram or Indian buttermilk, take half a cup of organic whole milk yoghurt and add half a cup of pure water. Put this mixture in the blender and thoroughly blend. Ideally, if the yoghurt is not homogenized, you will see some yellow butter droplets rising to the top.

Some of the items suggested in these remedies are best purchased from your local Indian grocery store. This includes ajwain, a spice, and black salt.

Home remedies for hemorrhoids that are not bleeding but are painful or itch

Remedies to take internally

  1. Ajwain ¼ tsp. and black salt ¼ tsp., taken with takram twice a day.

  2. Black pepper ¼ tsp. taken with 1 cup takram twice a day.

  3. Mix together ½ tsp. ginger juice, 1 tsp. mint juice, 1 tsp. lemon juice and 1tsp. honey. Eat daily.

  4. Sesame seed decoction: Take 2 cups of water and add about 2.5 Tbsp. sesame seeds to it. Simmer until the quantity is reduced to one third of its original amount. This can be taken every day.

Remedies to apply externally

  1. Take adequate amounts of turmeric powder and add mustard oil and onion juice to it. Make this into a paste and apply directly on the area of piles. Wear a pad to prevent staining of underwear.

  2. Mix an adequate amount of turmeric in ghee and apply directly on the piles. Wear a pad to prevent staining of underwear.

  3. Take a sitz bath with chamomile and comfrey tea.

Home remedies for bleeding hemorrhoids

  1. 1 Tbsp. fresh pomegranate juice taken with 1-2 tsp. raw sugar twice a day.

  2. Haritaki - ¼ to ¾ tsp., to be taken with ¼ cup warm water, twice a day.

  3. 3 tsp. pomegranate rind to be taken with equal part of raw sugar twice a day: or another version of this remedy is--Take one cup pomegranate rind powder. Add 4 cups water to it and boil the mixture. Allow it to cool. Take one glass of this mixture each morning and evening.

  4. Take 2 tsp. mustard seeds and grind to powder. Add ten tablespoons of goat's milk and drink before breakfast.

  5. Grind a few mustard seeds and add to fresh yoghurt. Stir well and eat before breakfast. Follow with a glass of yoghurt blended with an equal amount of water.

Remedies to apply externally

  1. Take one tablespoon of honey and mix it with radish juice. Apply it on the area of the piles

  2. Make a paste of turmeric mixed in mustard oil and apply to the area. Wear a pad to prevent staining of underwear.

  3. Take a sitz bath with barberry tea.

If your hemorrhoid is persistent, please consult a doctor. You may need treatment such as cauterization, or your hemorrhoid symptoms might relate to a more serious condtion within your anus, rectum or colon.

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