Summer Saviour | Home Remedies with Aloe

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It's summer, and many of us may be reaching for the aloe vera as a sunburn remedy. Yet according to Ayurveda, aloe vera, known in Sanskrit as kumari, is helpful for many other conditions, from hyperacidity to menstrual cramps. Here are a few important aloe home remedies, some for summer use and some important year-round.


  1. Light burns and wounds: Cut off an aloe leaf and apply the gel several times a day.

  2. Mild sunburn: Mix 70% aloe vera gel and 30% bentonite clay. Apply paste on affected areas and wash it off after 15 minutes

  3. Acne: Aloe vera gel with turmeric powder can be applied overnight and rinsed off in the morning (works well for people of colour; might stain pale skin).

  4. Face: Apply aloe vera gel to face for glowing skin

  5. Skin problems: Take 1-2 teaspoons fresh aloe gel daily for young and healthy skin.

  6. Burn: Apply aloe vera gel after burn has been cooled with milk and or sandalwood oil.

  7. Summer heat: 2 T aloe vera gel mixed with turbinado sugar or Indian rock candy will remove excess heat from body.

  8. Balancing digestion and elimination: Take 1 tablespoon aloe vera gel in the morning on an empty stomach.

  9. Acidity: 2 T Aloe Vera mixed with ¼ cup milk and ¼ cup water 2-3 x daily.

  10. Indigestion: Take 2 T aloe vera with a pinch of dry ginger after each meal.

  11. Constipation: take 2 T aloe vera in the morning with a pinch of Himalayan salt.

  12. Haemorrhoids: Eat 2 T aloe vera gel daily. Topically, mix aloe vera gel in turmeric and apply.

  13. Liver and spleen problems: Mix 2 T aloe vera with ½ t turmeric and eat 2-3x daily.

  14. Weight loss: Consume 4ozs of aloe vera juice daily.

  15. Chest congestion: Mix aloe vera juice with turmeric and rub on chest.

  16. Bronchitis, pneumonia, cough: Take 2 T aloe vera and a pinch of pippali after each meal.

  17. Wet cough: Mix 1 t aloe vera juice with 1 t honey, 1/4 t dry ginger powder, 1/4 t black pepper powder and eat 3x daily.

  18. Dysmenorrhoea: Take 2T aloe vera after each meal with a pinch of black pepper, starting a few days after ovulation

  19. Bleeding gums and toothache: Massage aloe vera gel gently on gums.

  20. Earache: Apply 2-3 drops aloe vera juice in ear.

  21. Pinkeye: Pure aloe gel can be applied to eyelids and then rinsed off with cool water--but DO NOT use any product with preservatives or flavouring agents on eyelids.

  22. Aloe vera Hair oil: Aloe vera gel boiled with coconut oil can be applied to the scalp daily to support hair growth.

Compiled from various sources including The Alandi Pharmacy Manual and

See also Kumari: Aloe Vera, Summer Beverages for Cooling.

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