Anemia Home Remedies

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Do you or someone you know suffer from anemia? Anemia is the most common disease of the blood, so it’s fairly likely. Anemia due to iron deficiency is often treated with supplements or an iron-rich diet. But there's more you can do to help yourself.  Alandi student Sebastian Urrea offers  some home remedies that you can try to help strengthen your blood.


  1. CCF tea: Mix one-third tsp each of cumin, coriander and fennel ‘seeds’ in a cup of water, boil until the seeds sink and strain. Drink after meals to aid digestion or to relieve colic. This tea is also a great way to help get adequate iron and calcium in your diet. You can also use this tea to bring down a fever.
  2. Soak a handful of raisins in water overnight and eat in the morning with a teaspoon of honey.
  3. Soak 10 almonds in water overnight. Remove the skin and grind them to a paste. Eat this paste daily for about 3 months.
  4. Take one and half cup of water, add 2 Tbsp of fennel seeds and 2 Tbsp rose petals. Boil the mixture and strain it. Drink this solution 2 times a day.
  5. Mix 1 tsp Bhringaraj, and ¼ tsp black pepper into ½ cup yoghurt ½ cup and take in the morning and afternoon on empty stomach.
  6. Take 1 tsp Brahmi ghee orally twice daily, 15 minutes before lunch and dinner.
  7. Take ¼-1 tsp turmeric mixed into 1 cup plain yogurt. Eat this on an empty stomach, morning and afternoon.
  8. Mix ½ tsp triphala with water to make a paste and keep in a cast iron pan overnight. In the morning, scrape up the triphala with a spatula and eat it.
  9. Combine 1 tsp amalaki and 1 tsp licorice powder with honey and take on an empty stomach.
  10. Mix ghola (churned yogurt) with 1 tsp jaggery and drink
  11. Cooking your food with a cast iron pan can increase the amount of iron in certain foods.

This piece was written by a student of the Alandi Ayurveda Gurukula in Boulder, Colorado. Learn more about studying ayurveda at our home school, or access your deep wellness with the support of our student practitioners in the Alandi Ayurveda Clinic.