Ashoka Tree | Saraca indica

Ashoka Tree

At the time of dawn you opened to the drops of rain

Born as an Evergreen in the rain forest

Living throughout India and Sri Lanka

Rising straight in to the sky

Like a seeker raising the awareness into the abode of God


Ashoka Tree

Dressed in long leavesand dark brownish black bark

Blooming in the spring

Pink and yellow-orange flowers

Offering delightful fragrance to all

Turning red like the color of blood


Ashoka Tree

As a uterine tonic you heal the feminine

Bringing hope and joy to all women

Taking away grief and sorrow

You are Sacred

Dedicated to the God of Love



Ashoka Tree

Wild and free

Filled with Shakti power

Named like the female deities of the Jainas

Blessed for witnessing the birth of the Buddha

Blessed for witnessing the first meeting of Sita and Hanuman

You are loved.


By Heidi Nordlund

Spring, 2010