Ode to Olena: A Love Song to Turmeric


This poem is best when read aloud!

There is hysteria in America over Too-meric.

Also known as turmeric; have you heard of it?


It is a rhizome -- meaning lateral shoots, horizontal roots.

Native to the most ancient of India, the Vedic sages there named her Haridra.


She is known to grow all over Africa,

as well as locales around Latin America.


On the Hawaiian Islands, her name is Olena. Bright yellowish Orange,

she dyes saints' robes, makes fine paint, and tints her sisters saris gold.


Yes she'll stain every thing in reach -- all that is, except teeth. Weirdly, these she

whitens, healing gum diseases with the anti-inflammatory qualities of a titan.


Have we mentioned her many antioxidant, antiviral,

antitumor, antibacterial activities?


Curcuma longa in Latin, consumed daily she frees the body from pain.

Curcumin detoxes Rakta, loves up the liver, kidneys, oxygenates the brain.


No herb is more studied, and these studies suggest

the herb resists Alzheimer's, cures cancers, and puts arthritis to rest.


Clean blood means cleaner skin.

Brides-to-be bathe in the Haldi, expose the Goddess within.


Pungent and bitter, she melds every flavor together.

Olena is most potent combined with fats and black pepper.


Drying and light, she warms on digestion.

Soothing kapha and vata, she is Queen beyond question.


Thus, and as such,

You're invited to invite


the blessèd Spice of Life into all of your bodies.

Turmeric can help you unclog subtle nadis.


Olena removes all negative vibes,

Helping build healthy, golden, elongated lives.


Whether ingested or topical, root, powder or pill,

just get her in you, and be happier, you will.

By David Telfer McConaghay. Composition inspired by Daniel Sullivan and Dr. Vaidya